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NewsFebruary 28, 2017

The EN 131 is being tightened

The most important changes in a row

EN 131 is the European norm for ladders, folding ladders and stepladders. EN131-1 prescribes everything related to terms, definitions and dimensions. EN131-2 covers tests which products need to comply with. As of 1-1-2018, both norms will change. But which of these changes will you see in practice? We have listed the most important changes for you, in a row.

Base width will be wider

Telescopic, single, extending and combination ladders that are higher than 3 meters will have a wider base width. This means that the bottom of the ladder should always be provided with a stability bar or bent beams. This gives you a more stable base and you can work more safely.

Base width will be wider

Ladder sections not removable

It is no longer allowed to disconnect the ladder section of ladders (of more than 3 meters). That means that, with to 2 and 3 piece ladders such as sliding and combination/extendible ladders, a ladder section can no longer be removed. This ensures that the ladder sections remain together and that you always work with a complete ladder.

Ladder sections not removable

With these changes, you will work even safer at heights. If you would like more information, please contact our consultants.

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