Double deck Suspended Platform


By adding a Double Deck Kit, the standard Altrex Modular Platform system can be configured into a multi-level platform, which allows workers simultaneous access on different levels. A ladder type frame is connected at each end of the platform. By using the trapdoor in the upper deck, the workers can safely climb from one level to the other via the ladder with safety cage. The configuration of each platform level should be the same.

Advantages of the double deck kit:

  • Working on different levels simultaneously
  • Only two hoists required for lifting the complete platform
  • Minimal amount of roof rigging required
  • Standard vertical height between levels: 3m (optional adjustments available)
  • Stable construction of platform arrangement
  • Platform lengths from 3 m to 12 m (depending on lifting capacity of hoists and rigging used)
  • Ideal for applications such as cladding (siding) and glazing

Please be sure to consult with your Altrex-dealer or Altrex for factory approval for each configuration.

More information about suspended platforms on this page: suspended scaffolds